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Rules and Regulations of Participation:

1. The participation of the Principal Member and his/her specified family members will be based on:
a. The information on the application form that is assumed to be true and correct.
b. Incomplete information provided (e.g. no Identity number filled in) will result in a family member not being entered into the scheme and no cover provided.
c. The payment of premiums each and every month.
d. Any changes must be made within 7 (seven) days, failure to do so will result in no cover for the specified person.
e. Principal member and his/her spouse under the age of 64(sixty four) years, along with a maximum of 8(eight) children under the age of 21(Twenty one) years.

2. Commencement of cover for the Principal member and his/her specified family members will be based on the first premium received:
a. E.g. First premium is received on the 12th February of a year, a joining waiting period of 6(six) months is applied to 12th August that same year and only on the 13th August full cover is commenced.
b. Failure to pay the monthly premium along with the joining fee, the waiting period starts on the date of the first monthly payment.

3. Commencement of cover for a family member will be based on the date correct and complete information is received:
a. Information received about a member that has a baby to come; Mother/Father being a valid member on a Family plan, because the baby to come is placed under the parents name till the birth.
b. Still born is covered under the Family plan.
c. After birth a 6(six) month waiting period starts.

4. Premium payable:
a. First premium includes an initial enrolment fee and first month premium.
b. Monthly premiums can be changed or increased with 10% every year.
c. Principal Member Rejoining premium includes a re-enrolment fee and a month’s premium.
d. There are no monthly premiums refundable.

5. Premiums due:
a. Premiums must be made by the 7th of each and every month.
b. Ensuring that payments are made is the member’s responsibility.
c. Payments can be made at the place where they joined (where applicable) or at the nearest office or by bank debit order.
d. Premiums must be made within 37(thirty-seven) days since the last payment.
e. Premiums not made on the 38th (thirty-eight) day or later, since the last payment, participation is automatically terminated and no cover will be provided.
f. Premiums received on or after the 21st day of the month will be for the following month.

6. Only in the case of a full member(not subject to any waiting period at this time), the Principal member late pays:
a. Premium received 38 to 67 days after the last payment; a 2 month no cover waiting period is implemented.
b. Premiums received 68 days after the last payment, it is considered a rejoining and 6 month no cover waiting period is implemented.

7. Exceeding the Funeral Plan as prescribed, the balance to be paid in out of the families own funds before service will be conducted:
a. Member not fitting into the coffin provided due to size or length, the price difference between the Funeral Plan’s Coffin/Casket and the price of an oversize Coffin/Casket is payable by the client.
b. Member changing from the coffin/casket provided to another coffin/casket, the difference in price is payable by the client.
c. Member having to be transported from or to place and exceeding given kilometres (65 km).
d. Member wanting additional cars, the rental of the cars is payable by the client.
e. Removal and storage cost is payable by the client.

8. Death of a member on a valid claimed:
a. Suicide-at the time of death the member must be a member for 24 months and 1 day, continuously before a claim can be made.
b. Accidental-at the time of death, the first premium has been received and a next premium is not due yet, claim can be made.
c. Natural-at the time of death the member must be under NO WAITING PERIOD, before a claim can be made.

9. Two claims for the same identity number:
a. Specific member covered by two different Principle members or by the same Principle member on two books, only one claim can be done.
b. Specific member claimed on different date of death, proceeding will be instituting for damages due to fraud.

10. Three months written notice of intention to terminate participation must be given and premiums paid for the three months notice in full.

11. There are no Fees refundable.

12. Funerals not conducted by RIP Funerals, an 20% administration fee will be collected on total policy payout.

13. Procedures at Claim Stage: (Where applicable)
a. R.I.P. will endeavour to settle the claim within 2 Business days of receiving all the required fully completed documentation.
b. The following documents are required to ensure the speedy processing of a claim:
- An original certified copy of the member and the deceased’s Identity Document.
- An original certified copy of the BI-1663 An original certified copy of the death certificate In the case of unnatural death,
- a certified copy of the police report.
c. In the event of not allowing for time to complete the claim processing or all the necessary documents is not provided, the family can pay cash for the funeral and be refunded after a successful claim.
d. R.I.P. reserves the right to request any further documentation or information as it may deem necessary to accurately assess a claim.
e. Faxed copies must be clearly certified. All Documentation submitted, other than those listed, will not be accepted.

14. Banking Details :
Account Holder: R.I.P. Trust Account Number: 4076878643 Bank Name: ABSA Branch Name: Springs Branch Code: 632005 When paying into bank account remember to use your policy number as reference number. When paying into bank account bring policy book in every 3 months for update.